Care Instructions


Soiled leather can usually be cleaned with the use of a soft cotton cloth slightly dampened with distilled water and a mild bar soap, applied in a circular motion. Repeat with distilled water only to ensure no residual soap remains. The leather should then be allowed to dry completely. Anything containing dyes (ball point pens, lipsticks, etc.) cannot be removed as they will re-dye the surface.


Soiled suede can usually be treated with the use of a soft cloth. Blot the surface of the soiled area with the cloth. The material should then be allowed to dry thoroughly. Once dry, a suede brush should be used to gently lift the nap.


If your rabbit fur has gotten wet, you can just shake it off and hang to dry. If something has gotten on your rabbit fur, you can spot clean the fur. Try taking a clean, dry towel -- preferably white cotton -- and gently pat the spot. Don't rub; that will mat the fur down.